Shadows of the past
Standing beside the grave of who I used to be,
I recall every moment—
the mistakes that turned into beautiful memories I can't relive,
the pain drawn from life around me.
All I can say is,
it was beautiful while it lasted.
But I can't return to you anymore,
because if I did, I fear there'd be no coming back.

I miss how you found joy in the smallest things—
a dandelion's dance in the breeze,
the sound of rain on the roof.
Now, all I do is complain.
I miss how you talked and laughed with ease—
your laughter was sunlight through leaves.
Now, I hide from everyone.
I miss how you managed everything effortlessly—
grace in every step.
Now, I only mess things up.
I miss how you were a ray of sunshine—
a beacon in the dark.
Now, I am shrouded in darkness.

I miss the person you were,
and I hate the person I've become.
I'm sorry,
but that little girl is long gone,
and she's never coming back.

Yet, standing here, I wonder—
can I honor her memory,
and find a new way to the light?

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