It is often said that if you close your eyes you will see complete darkness,
Yet whenever I attempt to, colors fly and shapes arise.
Rather than seeing the darkness, I see a place similar to the universe.
It seems empty yet it consist of infinite inexplicable objects.

Its peculiar isn't it? The way we're alike to the universe.
But we are limited and the universe is not, it will continue existing as we die.
Came from dusts and would return as dusts, stardusts maybe.
A gift given where we enjoy with a limited time, yet enough to be appreciated.

Being alive is strange enough to be a mystery no human can reveal.
Living with consciousness, knowing that you're here, seeing the world.
Its lovely that we live with the universe and see a part of its present,
Exist with the universe without regrets, seize the day, carpe diem.

© ia