life (second edition)
life (second edition)
It looked like you were not fair

It looked like you didn't care

What ever I was going through

You didn't care

All I thought it's soon ending

It was the kickoff

It was the beginning


I didn't know where to go

Cause I was too far away

On the middle

Of that journey

Couldn't see where I came from

A time came

Didn't know where I was going

Nor tried to check

But I always thank that

That never showed it's self

That never revealed it's self

Yeah, cos of it

I was in darkness

But still thanking it for those difficulties

Kept coming day and night

I had no peace

Problems after problems

Now I am strong

Struggled once or twice

I reached a stage were my dreams where fulfilled

I reached a point were I lived happily ever after

-Roy Johan Gama
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