Got My Answers💙
These days I always think,
Will I ever miss this life
If I get to know that today
Is my last day on this earth?
But suddenly my consciousness says,
You'll never miss anything or anyone.
Not only you, but
No one misses anything or anyone here.
It's just our mind living in illusion
Prompting us to contemplate like that.

Even though I comprehend,
I'm not this body,
Sometimes this materialistic mind
Makes me emotional over
This body and other bodies around
Although all of us are one.

Then there comes the realized thought,
Like nothing will be, born or died
Than Just bodies get changed
According to our deeds we did
In each bodies we got
In each life time.

Life just live on immortally
Since there's nothing like death,
So there's nothing to miss here
Nor will none miss anyone here.
Because these were all just concepts
Made up by materialistic beings
By living in this gorgeous
Materialistic Natural World.
And everything is in
The hands of deeds we do
In each seconds.
Guess, I got my answers too.

© 🐳Praveena🌌✨️