Our Time, better together
Our Time together
Beautifully Unforgettable
Full of conversation and laughter
Late night flirtatiom 100% defensible
Hanging on every word
Without judgement or criticism
Trust and honesty, I'm still undeterred

I dream for more of these dates
Breakfast plates for the rest of time?
Our Time always races past
Happy times always pass fast
When can we next meet
Tomorrow or in a week?

You are the heat that warms my soul
The light providing life
The centre of my universe
My most important life source

Our intensity can be scary
Suspense and pretence before we lose sense
Apprehensive to let go
I know you feel it too
Fighting not to hurt our spare parts
Why are we resisting our hearts
Both Lonely hearts
I know you know it too
Better together

© ubeefcrj