In the depths of chaos and unrest,
Where weary hearts yearn for solace best,
There lies a refuge, tranquil and deep,
A sanctuary where God's peace seeps.

Like gentle whispers on a gentle breeze,
God's peace unfurls its comforting ease,
Soothing wounds with tender caress,
Bringing calm to turmoil and distress.

In the midst of storms, dark and fierce,
God's peace emerges, divine and fierce,
A beacon of hope amidst the night,
Guiding lost souls towards the light.

It transcends the boundaries of time,
Everlasting, pure and sublime,
A tranquil river that gently flows,
Through every heart where love it bestows.

It paints the sky in hues serene,
Filling the canvas with colors pristine,
An artist's touch, divinely inspired,
Granting serenity when once we were tired.

It whispers gently in stillness and quiet,
A melody of peace, gently quiet,
Nurturing souls with its gentle embrace,
Filling every moment with tranquil grace.

No matter the trials that life imparts,
God's peace envelopes our weary hearts,
A balm that heals, a fortress strong,
In its presence, we forever belong.

In the hush of dawn, when the world is new,
Or in twilight's embrace, when daylight is through,
God's peace abides, forever near,
Calming all doubts, erasing all fear.

So let us seek in prayer and in song,
God's peace, steadfast and ever strong,
For in its embrace, we find release,
In the comforting arms of God's peace.
© Alpha Creatives

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