Echoes of Unity 🤝
Life's a wild ride, ain't that so?
Our choices spin a crazy show.
Mess up, learn, and take a chance,
Consequences play their little dance.

Hey there, dear friends, you're my crew,
Through thick and thin, we'll pull through.
Loved ones, you're my heart's delight,
With you, everything feels just right.

Sick ones fight hard, no giving in,
Strength and courage in battles they win.
Stranger friends pop up, out of the blue,
Yet somehow, they feel like they always knew.

Life weaves a tale, both wild and rife,
With beauty and chaos, the real life strife.
Embrace it all, the joy and the strife,
Because that's where we find the true beauty of life.

~MoJameel 👑 ✨️