Rufus Forgot How To Laugh
Rufus forgot how to laugh
cos they were bigger than him
and usually he was the one
they laughed at calling him dim
saying he was odd and a freak
pushing and shoving him
as he's lonely and weak
now he hides the bruises and cuts
that pain inside
and he looks to escape
thumbs for a ride
running away cos he can't face it
driver gets fresh
it's just a world gone to shit
Rufus forgot how to laugh
they think he's easy pickings
crisis after crisis
his wounds he is licking
thinking this is all too hard
where's the compassion in life?
his dad has a new family
a short temper, trophy wife
and all he has is memories of mum
pushes for those good times
but rarely do they come
lives each day needing more cash
gets more desperate
goes through people's trash
and begs, low self esteem
"please mate" he says
"help me follow my dream"
Rufus forgot how to laugh
cos the world he's living in
sees passed and through
like he's paper thin
worn him down to his lowest ebb
and he should be at school
almost sixteen
and the streets are so cruel
Yes, Rufus forgot how to laugh
he's that kid over there
do one act of kindness
and treat him with care
but if he doesn't smile
please don't be angry or upset
you can't know the turmoil inside
a cold heart needs time to reset.

© .Garry Saunders