The Storm Imprisoned By The Sea...

She is the storm brewing on the horizon,
You see her coming from far away,
Going through a rollercoaster of emotions,
Her darkness and thunderous chaos engulfs the world in the most dramatic way,
She is drowning in a sea of grief and pain,
The tears fall from her eyes like rain

Lost in her storm of memories and nightmares every second of every day,
She uses her sword of lightning to light the way,
As she engulfs everything around her, like the waves of a raging sea,
She pays no attention to the ones she leaves behind in the ruins that is left of what she came to be

Spreading chaos and fear as she rages on,
The storm reaching peak,
Still she has not yet found the peace she seek,
Day by day she is drowning alittle more in the sea of grief and pain as the waves sweep over her rage,
She is nothing but a raged out storm in a ocean cage.
© Lolla Smith