Surah Maryam 19:34-44
[34] This is Jesus, the son of Mary; and this is the truth about him concerning which they are in doubt. [35] It does not befit Allah to take for himself a son. Glory be to him! When he decrees a thing he only says: “Be” and it is.

[36] (Jesus had said): “Indeed Allah is my lord and your Lord, so serve him alone. This is the straight way.” [37] But different parties began to dispute with one another. A dreadful woe awaits on that great day for those who that reject the truth. [38] How well shall they hear and how well shall they see on the day they come to us! But today the evil doers are in manifest error.
[39] (O Muhammad), warn those who are steeped in heedlessness and are obstinately rejecting the truth that the day shall come when things will be finally decided and they shall be left with utter remorse. [40] Ultimately, We shall inherit the earth and whatever is on it; to us shall they be returned.

[41] (O Muhammad), recite in the book the account of Abraham. Most surely he was the man of truth, a Prophet.
[42] (And remind people) when he said to his father “Father! Why do you worship that which neither sees nor hears, and which can be of no avail to you? [43] Father, a knowledge that has not reached you has come to me. So follow me that I may guide you to the straight way.
[44] Father, do not serve Satan, for Satan has indeed been a persistent rebel against the Most Compassionate Lord.

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