Medicine Man
Wakan Tanka,
Great Spirit hear my prayer
I don't see you
but I believe you're there,
As I sit by these flames
I see in the smoke Guides
moving animal spirits
and I know their names.

May I follow them well
and heed their lessons too
each has something to tell
has purpose to lead me to you,
Great Spirit if I lose my way
let them guide me home
make me better each day
may I feel less alone
in tune with your creation,
I am of the Lakota tribe
and we are of the Sioux nation.

Wakan Tanka,
I praise your beautiful earth
the land that supports us
my existence since birth,
I have you to thank it's true
and when I seek help
I always find I can come to you,
hear my prayer
like the sparks in the air
ignited and rising above,
I appreciate what you provide
I am grateful for your love.

Great Spirit it gets harder daily
the white man comes
and takes, changing all they see
we are in their way
but we don't want hostility,
show me a better approach
keep me focussed on what's right
heavy snow hides my trail
I'm lost to the world tonight,
it's like I don't exist am a ghost
and the thing I ask most
is let my animal spirit guide
help change me inside
so I don't feel such animosity,
Great Spirit, help me see.

© .Garry Saunders