"Whispers in Moonlight: A Tapestry of Tender Shadows"
Beneath the moonlit quilt of the tranquil night,
I stand as a guardian, in gentle light.
No stranger to hearts in silent pain,
I cradle your wounds, where shadows wane.

No command to halt the tears that fall,
In my arms, find refuge, let emotions enthrall.
Scars on your skin, a map of the past,
With soothing ointment, healing is cast.

Not a watcher in the realm of waiting,
But a dweller in memories, ever creating.
In the mosaic of time, your essence weaves,
A testament to love that eternally cleaves.

Passion's blaze may not fiercely burn,
Yet, in my heart, a cool flame discern.
Feelings bruised, like petals in the breeze,
Love persists, silent and at ease.
© _gottaloveruhii