nudiustertian sunset
sad pen, old papers
lonely prose of the sunset
unhappy poet

autumn air,
purple pink sky
I'm sitting on
a maroon
wooden bench
sipping my
matcha espresso
I'm staring
at the
saffron's bookshop
I saw you
embracing him
you gave him
three pink tulips
you gave him
a maple wooden watch
you gave him
a pulchritudinous smile
my ephemeral existence
in your life
was like an apricity
and my limerence
for you
was like
an old forgotten
wooden cello
trying to tell you
my chimerical music
within my
depressive journal

poems, sunshower
scenery of serene sea
sitting and waiting

you left
happily together
and I was
alone sitting
while eating
your favorite
french macarons
and sipping
your favorite
iced vietnamese coffee
from our
favorite cafe
I found
myself wandering
in the elysian
bay area
the purple sunset
and its tears
falling down
in the serenity
of the sea,
a serendipitous
I open
my midnight
blue umbrella
and wear
your terracotta scarf
I sit on a red
metal bench
near in the ineffable
and decided
to write
three haikus
for you,
for the
last moment

letters, photographs
old moments in our novel
poetry of rain

© cfwang