Move on from me
Move on from me
You watch as those who claimed to be family
Are suddenly distant since you left her
They told you to betray yourself and your country
And you did

They said she had no money and couldn't get you where you need to be
Told you to disrespect yourself and I
By saying she was a tech for 10 years
And had 7 divorces
Laughed at you

For I am a doctor
And have paid my dues
With a substantial amount saved
An inheritance that is large
And blessed when I play the lotto

You thought I was broke
But I know my riches are in heaven
I saw the real person before me
Who sold themselves for money

I tried to love you in a way you never had
But it became clear I had to let you go
For you had already sold your soul
I could have fought the devil to save you
But it was too late

I have to recover from what you stole
And leave you where you are
I know more than you realize
And I have to wait for you to go through hell

Before I can show you true unconditional love
And only then will you realize
That I was saving us.© cynfully