I need you to help me live.
Everyone is here.
Laughter can be heard from the furthest hemisphere.
The Earth cheers.
The people sing and dance.
Love places humanity in a trance.
Where are you?

People are smiling.
The sun is shining.
Mother loves me,
family adores me.
Me. Me. Me.
Aren't I so lucky?
I have everything
except something.

That feeling of bliss.
The love that I felt with each and every kiss.
Your kisses.
Your lips.
I miss...


Everything is great,
everyone is happy.
Even you are smiling.
So why am I brooding?

It was all for nothing!

Whenever someone comes near me,
their smile turns to tears.
Friends hide in fear.
My grief pierces through my peers.

I am bleeding.
I put on a bandage yet you still seep through it.

Everyone is here.
Do I make myself clear?
EVERYONE is here!

Where are you?

© DolorTheDaimone