Dec Embers Baby
in the last days of November I came and waved and smiled
smiled and welcomed the new winter child
sparkling in icicles
colored in ice and snow
the many shades of frozen in its spectrum aglow
here they would come
ever so gently and slow
they still appeared almost reluctant
prismatic and particular they came
to say goodbye to their predecessor. November goodbye ! they would cry
cry out their emotions by crying their name , the ember ever fading as nov and new were wading their way into yesterday redundant the same
a candle extinguished. a burnt out flame
gone but but not forgotten
time can only go on
it goes for a time we think so short
or know so long
and we all just tag along and try to interpret nature's constant song.
one of joy and sorrows. of days and nights. yesterday's and tomorrows
ever gently the tune . from July clear on til June it goes and keeps going.
while we stay oblivious
such infancy In our lack of knowing
like we were just born a moment before . now just growing and growing. but still oblivious all the same

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