Someone teach me that
it's okay to feel negative,
it's fine to be different,
it's normal to be quirky,
it's alright to make mistake.

Embrace your sadness and shed your tear
so you could actually feel the pure joy of little things in life.

Embrace your loneliness and focus on you
so you could learn to accept, forgive and love yourself.

Embrace your longing moderately
so you could actually appreciate moment with your beloved.

Embrace your anger slightly
so you don't need to fake happiness or deny your pain.

Own your mistake and take the lesson
so you could recuperate and laugh at it

Denying your heartfelt wouldn't do any good,
But trapped in sentiment also the same,
A fine line that I am still trying to figure out.

At last, we only frail human with indescribable complexity,
who want to be heard and understand,
who just want to feel loved and belong,
who yearning to feel safe to be themselves.

© Pluviophile_Rifyana