The sky smiles, as I cry under the stars,
all my life I felt like I wasn't meant to be.
The universe's so vast, so magnified,
how do I matter in such a big place?

We're like dots of sand in the sky,
we build castles that the waves destroy.
We keep rebuilding our purposes,
yet we find life to be so meaningless.

I don't wanna live like this, decaying,
feeling like there is no home,
because every home I have found,
is a home that has vanished too.

Can I find home in you, in anyone,
can the stars make up my perfect place?
If life is like the wind, if we fall and die,
how can there be a purpose to existence?

I hope one day to answer my dismay,
to find the reason for all my seasons,
for the spring that never came to me,
as my castles vanished at the beach.

© dats_poetry