"Love and Pain in a Tumultuous Dance"
In my heart, two feelings wage a war,
One of love, the other of despair.
One says stay, the other implores,
To leave behind and not to care.

The love I feel is deep and true,
It fills my soul with warmth and light.
But the pain of loss, it cuts me through,
And fills my eyes with tears at night.

The joy of love, so sweet and pure,
It lifts me up and makes me whole.
But the agony I can't endure,
It breaks my spirit, takes its toll.

Oh, how these two emotions blend,
In a tumultuous, raging storm.
But in the end, they both transcend,
And leave me stronger, more transformed.

For love and pain are intertwined,
In a dance that never truly ends.
But in the chaos, I will find,
A beauty that my heart transcends.
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