if I could

speak to you, I wouldn't say a word. I'd let you talk and I'd

listen even if what you say fucken hurts. for what it's worth

I know your worth and it hurts to knw that I caused
tears to fall from your eyes. my insecurities are at a all time
high. I don't mean to be this toxic you just have to try and
understand. im really a simple man. I just been in some
really bad encounters. spent hours on my lonesome getting
to know these voices who's opinion lead me to make the
wrong choices. i know that I'm tripping thinkin the way I
I hate it when I'm out of character cause than I'm quick to act a fool. being cruel isn't who I am it wasn't very long
ago when I was your best friend. we would spend countless

hours touching teasing pleasing and than I became public

enemy number one all the hopes dreams and wishes done

now gone.

I was wrong for so many reasons. treason can get
a LoCo put in a hole I know, what needed to be changed

and I

put forth effort only for you to still think of me the
same I want to start that claim aflame the thoughts you

have are so mudane it's really a shame
so here's the thing I got to admit I'm a lot of things and
most of the shit you called me were right on. but than I fell

head over hills for you now the name calling couldn't be
more wrong. what's goin on in your head what was the last
thing the voices said? don't listen.
But listen I will never forget the sacrifices you made I appreciate you because you stayed as long as you did. The heart you gave me wasn't supposed to break if I could take the pain you gained from this crazy thing called love I'd give you the hug you wanted and kiss you whenever
© Juan Blue demon Alvarez