john snow
In the land of ice and snow,
A young man named John Snow,
Lived a life of courage and strife,
Fighting for what was right, even in the darkest of nights.

A bastard born, yet a leader at heart,
He rose to greatness, playing his part,
In the battle for the throne, the fight for the crown,
John Snow stood tall, never backing down.

He faced betrayal, loss, and pain,
But through it all, he remained,
True to his values, his sense of duty,
To protect the realm, to serve with beauty.

With a sword in hand, he fought for his home,
A warrior brave, with honor to own,
A man of the people, a defender of the weak,
John Snow was the hero, the one they would seek.

He led his people to safety, through the snow and the cold,
A protector of the North, a champion bold,
His legacy lives on, a hero for all time,
John Snow, the man who fought for what was right, sublime.

In the end, his story was one of sacrifice,
For the greater good, he paid the ultimate price,
But his memory lives on, his legacy strong,
In the hearts of the people, his spirit lives on.
© Avinash David