Dance of Sunlight and Dreams
In a realm where sunlight dances free,
There lived a lad by the whispering tree.
With eyes of wonder, and heart of mirth,
He roamed the fields, the skies of earth.

Beneath the canopy, where dreams take flight,
He chased the echoes of fading light.
With tousled hair, and laughter pure,
He embraced the world, so bright and sure.

In tales untold, his spirit soared,
Through meadows green and oceans roared.
With every step, a story spun,
Of battles fought and victories won.

In quiet hours, beneath the stars,
He pondered life, its hidden scars.
With hopes ablaze, and fears held tight,
He sought the path, through darkest night.

Through joys and tears, he learned to stand,
In the shifting sands of time’s grand hand.
With courage strong, and wisdom gained,
He faced each trial, unchained, unfeigned.

Oh, boy of wonder, so wild and free,
Your journey's song, a melody.
May your dreams take flight, on wings unfurled,
And fill the canvas of the world.
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