In tears as I begin to write this, I hope this makes sense
The Fela I know is different from what was portrayed
Fela spoke out for his people and he was seen as an enemy of the state
Fela spoke out for himself and he was called rogue
Fela freely expressed himself and he was called vulgar and barbaric
Fela lost his mother and countless other things including his life
Fela prophesied even more accurately than any prophet from his era
Regardless he was tagged a lunatic and a maniac
Fela even contested for the most viable political post in history and still he wasn’t regarded

They said he was insane and this same insane man was the only one that mentioned names
And he kept on calling out names no one would dare mention
The Fela I know died and his dreams also died with him
Because the people he spoke out for didn’t hear him enough to wake up from their slumber & because his dreams where not envisioned
Fela was the only man arrested by unknown soldiers; remanded imprisoned by them
And the government came out to deny the soldiers
But what about the institution and parastatals that remanded him for days without proper hearing

To the government of my country
Fela is just a nobody and nothing but history
To the elderly
Fela is just a memory
For the youth and present generation
Fela is just a story
And to the infant and unborn generation
Fela might just be a piece or part of history to them
But to me, Fela was a:
A hope for all

I hope the people Fela spoke for don’t fail him
Because this government of the minority ain’t ending soon
I hope the so called masses and majority are watching
I hope somebody snaps 'errbody out of their deep slumber
The hallucinogens relentlessly pumped into our minds:
Only teach selective truth so misleading
Too many conflicting ideas bring about a confused generation

My question is:
Is Fela living on in us or is Fela truly dead?
© KingTwich