there are no limitations on earth
so you and I are privilege to all
but not all will lead you through the forest and darkness of life

to go through it successfully
and to make something of your life
you have to set your own limit

having and knowing your limit
is the only source of being somebody in life

just think of it
just think of life limitations having no limit
for limitations in life is the only reason I'm still behind

life limitations has made my life
just as a dream
me with so many goals
but after a while
I'm awake

me not knowing tomorrow
gave me no reasons
to limit my goals

here comes tomorrow
but it's still today
haven't achieved any of my goals
out of the many

not because I have no motive
but limitations in life
has naver escaped the door
to my life

but I still coat and say
trust is the case
I worth thousands
than those in their graves

limitations in life
has taken most lifes
into graves
without making them realized
what is meant to analyzed in life
life limitations.