Fading Green
His favored shade, a verdant dream,
A spellbinding hue, in nature it gleams.

It whispered tales of beauty, memories adorned in grace.
Tablecloth's shade, our initial trace,
Your shirt's tint, waving with a friendly hello,
Hoodie's color, a playful call, etched in memories' flow.

The tint on the classroom walls, where our unity beams,
Our school's basketball team's vibrant theme.
In the glow of togetherness, a symphony it seems,
Harmony echoes through memories and dreams.

Yet the green moments, time can't erase,
Thoughts of you, flung me to space.
A silent ode to you, in verdant room,
Craving the essence of your perfume's bloom.

And then, my heart deemed it the favored sprite.
My delight, cherished in the night,
Kaleidoscope of memories, bright.

The green, a fading ember, turns transparent in its sway,
A reflection of changes, as you slowly slip away.
As hues dissipate, so does his memory,
In the vanishing green, a yearning melody.

The transparency echoes a shift in his gaze,
As shadows dance, memories in a hazy maze.
In the translucence, a story unfolds, can't you see?
Now, he no longer knows, no longer sees.

It mirrors your fading presence; you don't remember me.
And in this fading green, I miss what you used to be.