"I Fight, You Fight"

In the depths of night and the light of day,
We march forward, unyielding, come what may.
Driven by dreams, we fight with no regret,
To conquer our goals, our aspirations met.

We've tasted both triumph and defeat,
Yet we rise, determined, on our feet.
We take control, rule our own fate,
Conquering failure, refusing to abate.

Together we stand, united in strife,
Hard work and perseverance, keys to life.
Success will befall those who persist,
In the ring of triumph, we firmly exist.

In this world of challenges, we find our place,
Individuals of your caliber, a needed embrace.
So let us fight on, hand in hand,
Facing life's battles, a resilient band.

© Kyier mc

my response poem to @royjohannesgama
with the help of Collaboratively revised and translated from original poem with the assistance of an AI language model."