Feeling Caught In-between
Feeling caught in between the now and then,
In a place of longing, of what might-have-been.
Deep in the silence, where decisions reside,
As unspoken fears, and hopes collide.

Caught in between the wrong and the right,
While navigating shadows in search of light.
But with each step forward, there's a backward glance,
As I get lost in the rhythm of a hesitant dance.

Caught in between two worlds apart,
Torn by the whispers of a restless heart.
As the past it holds tight, while the future calls,
And I'm caught in the echoes of love's endless halls.

Caught in between all my dreams and despair,
As I'm striving to breathe in the uncertain air.
With the enemy, isolation in the vastness of space,
But every step in the twilight, means I'm closer to reality, with perspective replaced.

Caught in between, but not for too long,
Cause every limbo has its very own song.
Therefore I'll trust in the journey, and let courage be seen,
To help me find my way out of being caught in between!!


© Nicole 🍒 JoMoRo