I seem to think
You 're a better person than me
Who never really hurts when I see
But you changed

I wondered how a person
Can be so pure so perfect
But you seem to defy
My only hope that I kept

I wanted to have a heart
That beats for others in pain
To rely when needed ,so safe
And it changed to vain

So you finally decide to cope
Breaking those hearts that never
Can be mended
But you betrayed forever

Shining smile never really suits you
So you give up
Never tried again
And now you're in my trap

Those passions that inspire
Those hands that I desire
Is faded with the storm
It hurts when you seen to change

I'm fine , with those broken corners
With the dream I still hover
Still gonna make it through
The changes seem to pass

But it really hurts when you go
Your words is why I venge
And I fail to console me
Because you changed

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