I want to stop, how to stop!
I want to stop,
The melody in my heart,
Drumming to your beats.

I want my mind to rest,
From thinking about you so much.

My heart to resist,
The temptation of your touch.

My lips from drying,
For your kiss that it craves.

My hands to hold back,
To grasp you in my arms.

Block my gaze locked with yours,
Making my thoughts run wild.

My ears from listening,
To your whispers of desires.

My mouth from feeling,
Your cold breath that lures me in.

My eyes from seeing,
The sturdiness of your hands,
What all it can do,
Where all it can go,
Bringing shiver down my spine.

My body from wanting,
to be engulfed by yours.

Day or night,
The thought of you is so intoxicating.

#yourtouch #yourkiss #intoxicating
© Polkola