54:4.7 The mercy delays of time are by the mandate of the free will of the Creators. There is good to be derived in the universe from this technique of patience in dealing with sinful rebels. While it is all too true that good cannot come of evil to the one who contemplates and performs evil, it is equally true that all things (including evil, potential and manifest) work together for good to all beings who know God, love to do his will, and are ascending Paradiseward according to his eternal plan and divine purpose.

More than beauty this day holds.
There’s progress in the ways of old.
Wisdom gained by those before
Can have a place within our lore.

Learning’s what we do in school.
Books are written without rules.
Ideas flow from every mind.
A flow of thought that’s God‘s design.

So, who’s to say a book is wrong?
Ideas of things can be so strong.
Just because you don’t agree
Should you censor what you see?

Let others make their own decisions
Or what you will gain is their derision.
Do not force your own opinion!
God’s the one who has dominion.

Trust that God’s plan, based on love
Is what eventually evolves!
The plan Divine will come in time.
Keep the faith, it’s His design.

Only we can follow through.
It’s part of God’s design tis true.
God wants for all, the very best!
To get to Heaven, do not rest!

Thank You, Father, for all time.
It unfolds as You design.
Patience with the way things are
Will light a path to things afar.
Paul Anderson

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