Multiple Birds, Hypothetically
Let's keep this all strictly hypothetical
Like the order we call alphabetical

If I or you were to accidentally
Or maybe it would be incidentally
Either way, if we were to kill two or more
Like if we're lucky it could be three to four
Loud mockingbirds with just a singular stone
Let's say it's any stone hued in any tone

Just to keep the hypothetical facts clear
As I guess I am painting this whole frontier

Anyway— if you, me, or both— as in we
Seeded the above into reality
By way of accident— incidental kill
But only if it shall be within God's will
Completely and only hypothetically
We realized the 'bove task poetically

Does that make us but idiomatic kin?
Do I need to go back to where I begin?
'Cause if you and I— if we were both to do
The stone-throwing about which I just told you
Does that make said 'bove stated action times deuce?
Like not to accuse or to sound too obtuse

Are we accomplices— should we compare notes?
Are we to end up as each other's scapegoats?

#hypothetically #twobirds #twobirdsonestone #rhyme
© danie_af