A Lamentation of One
Distant ancestors,
they had,
a primitive mentation.
Formed they,
the belief
that to anger God
would mean damnation.
Blissful in their ignorance,
eventually reached a bifurcation.
Whereupon they emerged,
from cocoons of ossification.
At last they had enough,
of confusion and vexation.
Knew they,
that God made love,
which birthed a child
after long gestation.
No longer subject,
to a devil's conflagration.
the spirit,
underwent a transmutation.
Yeshua ben Yosef,
killed for messianic abnegation.
Among us is he still,
as Eucharist brings
to consciousness the Christ,
such blessed transubstantiation.
Therefore thine eye,
third, and of the mind,
makes the body a pure illumination.
Timothy once wrote,
as scribe for Paul's dictation,
how we're part of a tapestry of Love,
our lives are but the threads,
of carefully woven interrelation.
I see myself as scribe for Christ,
however imperfect my adumbration.
Regardless of the pretense,
of such lofty affectation.
He spoke to me then,
so I tell you now in my elation,
to do away with judgment,
with some harsh Father's arbitration.
He said "when we see a separation,
between the you and me,
will we percieve a fragmentation,
how one becomes two, then three.
Thus begins our lamentation,
how the grieving heart knows it cannot be,
that we are anything other than One,
and when we're One
we truly are free. 🙏
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