Sleepless Night
Surrounded by darkness,
Moonlight shining above the skies.
Quietness that's quite deafening
Drowsily fighting my sleepy eyes.

Calmness in the surrounding's shattered
When a clicking noise was heard.
Alarmed, panic is written across my face,
Cautiously walking slowpaced

As I tiptoed to the windows,
I feel sudden hotness on my side.
Scarlet liquid slowly dripping
As I watch him with my eyes

I tried to give chase to
But shortly my body felt feebleness,
Weakly starting to fall to the ground
Crying in anguish for I will be dead.

Then, I squinted while I opened my eyes,
I feel sunlight touched my skin
Relieved to see another day,
Delighted that it was just a dream.
© paragonsnow

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