when I write
Every line is formed with intention
my higher self is brought forth for freedom
through expression
When I write I find life away from spiritual death
it's feels I've released more than a deep breath
what I write carries new life, I behold what is mine
like the birth of a child with my dark brown eyes
A creation from my being, when I write
I do the work of architecture, engineering my thoughts
My first draft is a skeleton, then I build it to completion
The bare spaces filled as I do what I wilt
I may build it to destroy it without feeling guilt
I rebuild it to perfect it, better and better
I revise it to improve it, I write through any mental weather
My written words are the fruit from the blossoms of my spirit
I accomplish a goal when I harvest what I've sowed
The deep waters of my mind, they may feel very cold
What I write, I'm told is dark
Then so is my soul
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