I want to need someone
I need to need someone
I need someone to need me
I need someone to want me
My ever loving selfish thoughts arise
in the midst of a battle going in in my mind
I realize
Being alone isn't all that fun
I need someone
I need someone to care about me and care for me
I need someone to make me their top priority
I need someone to have and to hold me
And I want someone to see me and think
She's worth loving
Because maybe I'm not pretty and not funny
But there has to be more for me
My friends say boys are stupid
But they wouldn't know how I feel because they are always the center of their attention
They've never known what it feels like the be the backup option
But I know
I know that nobody's ever looked at me the way jack looks at rose
Nobody's ever seen me the way Bell saw the beast
Nobody ever talks to me like Harry and Sally
I've never had chemistry like Noah and ally
I am so sick of in love people telling me that love sucks
Because they rant about how perfect their partner is and ask if I can relate
But I don't have anything to say
Because I've never felt the crushing burning love that happens in the movies
I've never been close to being a bride to be
Always a bridesmade never a bride
And nobody ever explains why
and I need to know why
why is it so hard to be?
Why is it so hard to love me?
I need to not be alone
That's what I need.
© ElizabethQuinn