A Year END Story
Do you remember how we first met?
How our angels above first sing;
The moment you bump into me,
Someone has created our fated red string.

What a great way to start the year,
How my plea gave me my perfect fit;
When our eyes locked together,
Something inside me has now been lit.

My face displayed the brightest blush,
As your perfect blue eyes stared directly into mine.
'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to', you said.
I remained silent, but I know that should have been my line.

Month of February, we became friends.
All I can see is you in my mind;
My days were filled with sleepless night,
It is you who I always find.

'I must have really liked you',
For me to have this kind of thought;
You don't know the effect you have on me,
Like a special bond that has been enwrought.

It's in the beginning of spring,
The time you said you want to court me;
My eyes sparkled as I said yes,
As how I have always wanted it to be.

Several months have quickly passed by,
But I remember every single thing;
All the words said and all the actions taken,
How you gave me that special promise ring;

How we spent hours inside an arcade,
Enjoying the moment to our heart's desire.
How you would reserve us a seat on a restaurant,
Wearing our most expensive attire.

Your face displayed the perfect smile,
As you said you were willing to wait;
God knows how much I want it to be,
But maybe this is really our faith.

'This is it' so I said to myself.
Month of June, the most awaited time;
It's your birthday so I gave you my gift,
It's my Yes to all without any prime.

We had the perfect time but it didn't last long,
When we had our first and last fight;
Like the gloom of halloween,
It was as unsettling as the night.

Tears formed in my eyes,
The wound became hard to mend;
Our story was finished,
Before it can even reach the end.

Rapidly flashing through the screen,
How my memories all came;
But oh, how surprising this is,
All I can remember is your name.

Its the last month of the year,
Maybe it's not a perfect ending after all.
But its thanks to you, I learned to be bold
I learned how to be confident, and stand tall.

Then I look at myself in the mirror,
I saw how much I have grown;
So I force myself to smile,
As I welcome the new year alone.

© @addxtedme