“Special Snowflake”
I get it.
Understanding that others can't think the way you do,
is jarring,
but at the present moment,
I'd be considered
“mentally ill”.
Seeing things that aren't there,
hearing things that can't be heard,
wanting to be normal when I can't…
…that's not normal.
Or, whatever you call it.
But, I hope that explains the answers
to the questions you have about me.
I'm not…not trying.
I'm just failing at trying to meet your expectations,
or familiarities.
The things you experience,
are definitely not what I experience.
And, while I struggle to understand you,
there no question in my mind that you don't struggle
to understand me.
I imagine that you cock your head to the side and wonder,
“Why are you like this?”
And to be honest,
I ask myself the same thing,
every second of every day.


© J.M.M.Powell