"Echoes of Unforgotten Affection"
In the realm of memories, I wander lost,
In dreams, I seek what love has cost.

Within the shadow of your tender gaze,
I find solace in your endless maze.
Not merely a fragrance carried by the breeze,
But a presence that I long to seize.

The wind may whisper secrets in the night,
But without you, it's a desolate flight.
The atmosphere is painted, vivid and bright,
A tale unfolds in the soft moonlight.

No matter how hard you try to erase,
I resurface in your thoughts, in that space.
Yes, even if you try to forget, to deny,
I persist in your heart, beneath the sky.

Oh, what would life be without your grace,
A futile search in an endless chase?
If you weren't the star that lights my way,
How could I ever face the break of day?

The breeze still dances, whispers its song,
But you're the lyrics that make it strong.
The story told in every gust and swoon,
As much as you forget, I'll return soon.


In the realm of memories, I remain,
In dreams, I'll visit again and again.

Within the shadow of love's embrace,
I'll find my way back to your sweet face.

For in the tapestry of life we weave,
You're the thread that I never want to leave.
Poet : DrSandeepShri
© Legitimate Doctrines
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