Wounded Child
Loud echoes in my head are too much to bear,
They were there all the time.
I'm tired, weary, and annoyed,
It's too much, it's consuming.
Like I slept a lot last night, I eat less today, I'm tired of everything.

I feel lost and nowhere to be found,
"Can somebody help me?" 'Cause that's all I ask for.
"Can someone reach their hand for me?" I'm begging with tears in my eyes.
As my tears run flow again.
There is an ache everywhere,
Been scarred, tainted, bullied, and traumatized all of my life.
As I feel burdened again today.

Merciful and agonizing,
That's what depression is.
It's hard, and you don't recognize yourself anymore.
In this life, where I can't feel life anymore!
It hurts every day of your life
Shall I end my life now?
Shall I?

© AngelSoulWhispers 🎀🤍