Soul....An Enlightened Flame!!
Every soul that passes the gate,
Has passed a test of fate,
Trudging along on tired feet,
Erasing the wordly meet,
Convincing, living is more the task master of two,
The body and soul,
The body is a candle,
And soul is its flame,
Soul they would slipped out annoyed by the
noise and chill and sharp edges of the world,
Soul like a child in the falling light of the day,
Soul on tired feet actively saying, don't take my silence
as shadowy specter,
Soul challenging the Chifferobe Bureau!! A tendency to
cling to the past and resist change,
Soul on a tired feet,
Is the canopy fleet of marvel pearly sheen in chilled damp,
brittle with icy moisture, on satin lined casket, is a wave madly grabbing for its last victim( life), as it pulls away like a tidal wave headed back out to sea ( new life),
Soul...An ultimate business partner of new life, trudging in
tired feet for a new caravan(life's expedition)!!!!
#WritcoPoemPrompt 8

© Mishra Poonam