In the realm of elements, I find my place,
A soul forged in fire, with earthy grace.
Like water, I flow through life's twists and turns,
And, my spirit soars high as the wind yearns.

Turbulent like fire, I've faced trials untold,
Yet like earth, steadfast, my heart does hold.
Through storms of life, I stand tall and strong,
And like water, adapt, flowing along.

In the dance of elements, my journey unfolds,
Challenges and hardships, in my path they've strolled.
But I rise like the phoenix, from ashes reborn,
With determination unyielding, I weather each storm.

I've tasted the bitterness of sorrow's bitter cup,
More than I thought I could ever sup.
But with a heart of steel and a will that's pure,
I'll endure, I'll conquer, my victory sure.

For like the elements, I'm a force of nature,
Boundless in strength, an unwavering stature.
I'll face the darkness, chase away the night,
And emerge victorious in the dawn's first light.

So fear not, dear soul, when challenges loom,
For like the elements, I'll rise and resume.
I'll overcome, I'll thrive, I'll endure,
For in the end, victory is my secure.
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