✨️Talk Your Shit🖕
I laugh seeing you talk shit about me.
The things I may or may not have said.
I'm not who you've made me out to be.
Please, get me out of your head.
I wish I didn't have the respect I do,
Maybe I would've talked
shit about you too.
I was raised better than that,
But you? What are you trynna get at?
It's funny seeing people compete with nobody.
Tells me who you really are as a person.
Just be like me, I stay carefree.
You're so deep in this fake relationship,
Baby it wasn't how you tell, it's your version.
I'm glad I'm still in your mouth..
Do I still taste the same, even now?
Yo no era tuyo para empezar
Yo ya te voy a olvidar
© °•𝒜𝓁𝒾𝓈•°