Hard To Unlove You
When I take a step ahead,
you force me to retreat two steps back.
Just as I sense us getting close,
you prove me wrong each time.
However, like a fool, I fall for your crafted illusion every time.

The words, like a lump in my throat, cling.
When I muster courage at last,
you make me bite my tongue and regret everything.
Unsaid words consume my mind,
eat me alive, roam freely, haunting the night.

As I attempt to crawl back from the edge,
you plunge me back deeper into the abyss.
To the world's end, you drag me,
refusing to release me from your claws.
You're the tunnel that surrounds me, making me devoid of light,
engulfing me in your shadow,
making me suffocated is all you do,
yet I still can't unlove you.

I fear what I may become,
I fear I'll never be enough.
And I’m afraid I love you so deeply,
so your pain becomes mine, it's such a pity.
I know it's wrong to feel hurt over your misery,
it's your life, you choose this path of misery,
So don't pull me along in your despair.
It's wrong, you know, yet you still do.
I want to hate you,
but I still can't unlove you.

I'm tracing your footsteps,
your shadow cast over me,
anxiously fearing someday I'll become the one I hate.
So, I want to escape
from your shadow and your name.
But unfortunately, we're bound by the same fate,
the same thread tied around our necks.
I can only run but can't hide away
from the fate and the shadow that we share.

© shine