Unity not Uniformity
All these religions have arisen as a result of man’s variable intellectual response to his identical spiritual leading. They can never hope to attain a uniformity of creeds, dogmas, and rituals – these are intellectual; but they can, and some day will, realize a unity in true worship of the Father of all, for this is spiritual, and it is forever true, in the spirit all men are equal.

Unity not Uniformity
Rainy days and cooler nights
Autumn’s here with its delights.
Refreshing life as Summer ends.
Winters coming ‘round the bend.

Preparations must be made—
Take down, and rake, and store away
Summer things that need protection.
Prepare for Christmas decorations.

Of course, we still have Halloween,
And Thanksgiving on the scene.
They come before the holidays.
Different believers, different days.

Separate paths to but one God.
Many paths through life we trod.
The brotherhood is all of us.
Beliefs, not goals cause us much fuss.

Our goals can bring us all together.
Our beliefs don’t really matter.
God exists within our souls.
That’s why we have such common goals.

If we could all just get along
This world would rock ‘n’ roll with song.
Wars would cease, they are a ruse.
All warriors then would sing the blues.

Father, God of all of us
Jehovah, Allah, all names robust
We all must work for goals together.
Then we’ll achieve all things that matter!
Paul Anderson

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