Dare I ask the creator why I'm not perfection,
Dare I ask why I'm not a marvel to see ,
Blinding like the sun, inordinate like nature.
Am I not worthy to be faced with awe?
All creation should bow and behold!
All creation should see me praise worthy!
I wonder why I ask such abhorrent things,
Abashed, for seeking worldly glory, perdonami
for I'm only just a child,the last of creation.

Judge me, if you can, would you dare!
I'll commend your bravery_how detestful
But keep me in your prayers_oh wise one
For you know not the burden I carry,
Nor the vision I seek,it's obscure
But allow me to guide my heart,it's my brawl,
Allow me prostrate to my consequences,
Allow me defeat the perfect demon,
Maybe only then will I meet the absolute angel.
© Maria.M.M