Blue Skies and Heartbeats
Why is the sky is blue.
Have you ever wondered?
Is it sad. Or it is just way it has
Been living it's whole life.

Why is Your heart is Blue.
I have always wondered.
Are you sad. Or it is a way of escape
From darkness, trapped your whole life.

The Sky is blue and beautiful
It pours from heavy clouds
It screams with thunders

But you.
Never pour rain dots
From those empty eyes
No noise of voice.

I am worried.
I let you gaze at the morning sky
To clear your mind.
The empty sky has a million hearts.
But never found a home to belong.
Your empty heart has a place in mine.

If not the sky then come to me.
I can't cure, but I let you heal.
I will help you fly with gentle wings.
Never to fear again of the wind.
you are falling behind in time.
Don't wanna be forever young.
Grow old and grey. Fine wine.

Blue Skies and Heartbeats
Are never meant to be enemies
They are melodies of faries
Hidden deep into the mirrors
Of your eyes you see

I wish you had the magic
Of my Mind to view
The beauty of you.
Too bad, dark spells
Are holding you back.

I can't cure I can help you heal.
I can give you spells to break free
But you have to cast them on your own.
My words are limited to reach your mind
Your are the owner of your time & life.
You have to be the hero and save yourself

I can only be a aid to your journey.
You are never lonely you have my company
But Believe me.
I have trust and faith in you.
I would do anything to save you
But I can't save you from yourself.

Let me help, let me in.
Into your heart and the mind
Of the scenery and miseries.
Landscapes and mountains.
Day lights and night falls.

So much to see, so much to cherish.
Beautiful memories engraved for centuries.

These blue Skies
And your Heartbeats
Are beautiful things
I have ever seen.

© holy_stars