Down memory lane, I had a girlfriend,
Loving to the core beyond measurement of oneness

Always Present whenever she's needed
Always outpouring my emotions, finance and investment on her without boundaries
Because she stole my Heart.

I called her, 'My Love',
because she was my Heartbeat
I called her my 'Best Friend',
because she was my Confidant
I called her my 'My Music',
because she was the only Sound I could only flow to Rest
I called her 'My Rythm'
because she was the instrument I always play

All because of she stole my Heart

Until the Day of Fate....
I never thought my love would have an End
I never knew my Heart was a Reflection of Myself
I never knew that behind every Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Friends is an END except FAMILY.

Although,I was lost in gloom of shattery, regret and depression.
Existence of self lost its meaning

Not until Familia covered me in Real Love
Lost but Found

All because she stole my Heart

Is Love wicked?
That I can't tell
Only to reminisce on my Loss

All because she stole my Heart

© gods