There are cutters and starvers,
Weepers and screamers too
All are different except for one thing
They all feel loathing and anger
But not for another
Instead for themselves

They want to break their mirrors and hide
But they can't because they have a part to play
They plaster on a smile
And pray that it'll seem true
Because even though they are loved
It doesn't shine through

They go through make-up to hide the scars
And baggy clothes for the bones
When called beautiful they get annoyed
Because they belied they are lies
They look at the others and hope that the can be
Just like them, to a higher degree

But then they are approached
By that one girl at school
The girl who doesn't care about her flaws
And instead prays to God
To reach the broken hearts of all of the lost
She invites them to church and you laugh it off

But then Sunday comes and they reconsider
Hoping for a change in mind
To be like that one girl soon
So they get dressed and call her up
And she comes and takes them there
Where they get spoken to by the man upstairs

They then go to the alter and pray
We're their life changes for the great
They get delivered and say
"I'm beautiful in every way"
They then go to school and become that girl
That helped change them in the best way