Dried Tears of Yesterday
Amidst the echoes of yesterday's tears,
etched upon a heart weathered and worn,
lies a testament to battles won and lost,
to the storms weathered, and the strength regained.
These tears, they whisper of nights endured,
yet shimmer with newfound hopes, unique in their glow.

Within these tear-streaked depths, a singular hope
shines through, a constellation in a personal sky,
bearing memories of laughter, love, and strife.
For within the depths of a fractured heart's terrain,
resides the strength to mend, rise, and rediscover,
gathering the fragments, aspiring towards the sun's embrace.

Each tear that falls carries the heft of a thousand suns,
ffering solace, a distinct pledge of solace and healing.
In every teardrop, a chance for renewal, to reclaim
what once seemed lost, painted on a canvas uniquely etched
with the imprints of affection, joy, and life's trials.

These tears, borne from the crucible of despair,
purify the spirit, like rain clearing the horizon's sun,
and within sorrow's embrace, a heart finds its unique melody,
beating afresh, fueled by the fire of empathy and hope,
forever marked by those singular moments etched in time.
© jaylinestarr💋