Love's ghost haunting the empty room
Bitter, why does grief have a taste
Lingering the midnight's hushes
Love, her gentle presence brushes
Unseen aside me like before
Lost album unfolding her lore
Her deathside, locked doors I assume
Love's ghost haunting the empty room
Paralyzed by her sane perfume
Memory ascends their own tomb
Black wedding rings locked in your drawer
Her loose ends as my dense tears pour
Nightmares of affection rushes
Thus vacant loneliness crushes
An enormous heartbreak to core
Our hollow vows chime and wails yore
Petals decay hence failed to bloom
Her cello cites the mansion's gloom
Walls whispers the heart to resume
Possessed through the urge to exhume
Eden called your soul, why ignore
Twirling in white, she loved and wore
By name, already she blushes
Love, a wraith white crow flushes
A strand caressed in a slow haste
© Humzee sparrow